Is Pinterest Still Relevant in 2020?

Let’s go back to 2012. Facebook is the king of social media as it purchases Instagram for 1 billion dollars and Myspace still manages to add 1 million new users in a month. Psy’s Gangnam Style is playing on repeat as social media users get shocked by the Kony campaign. 

But 2012 marked the rise of another social media star – Pinterest. No one expected its huge growth in 2012, but Pinterest managed to gain millions of users relatively fast. Bloggers flocked on the platform and brands quickly realised how to optimise their blog posts to attract more users. Over the years, Pinterest actually became more popular than Twitter and attracted a wide range of users other platforms couldn’t reach before – according to OurSocialTimes reports, 23% of Internet users aged 50+ used Pinterest in 2014. 

But where does Pinterest stand in 2019 / 2020? Is it still relevant to your marketing strategy?

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All about visuals

Pinterest remains to be a primarily visual platform. 

If your brand focuses on visuals (travel, home decor, clothing, etc.) and you have access to original and creative photos, then Pinterest should definitely still be on your marketing strategy list. 

Is your audience on Pinterest? 

Due to the nature of the platform, Pinterest attracts a specific kind of audience. Therefore, in order to understand whether or not your marketing strategy should include Pinterest, you really need to identify your audience.

According to Hootsuite, 83% of Pinterest users are women, aged between 25-54. The platform also reports that it’s used more by high-income people and those looking for DIY or home decor projects. Furthermore, 85% of women use Pinterest to plan their big life moments. 

Using recent audience statistics will help you identify whether your audience is still using the platform – if yes, you should definitely include Pinterest in your strategy.

Where does Pinterest stand when it comes to referral traffic to shopping sites? 

Pinterest referral marketing statistics2020 Pinterest statistics – does the platform still matter? 

In 2019, 250 million people used Pinterest every month. According to Hootsuite, 80% of new sign-ups came from outside of the US. In 2018, the platform’s top countries were America, Brazil, India, Turkey, and Russia. 

80% of Pinterest users are now on mobile, which confirms the overall social media mobile trends. It is also reported that 98% of users actually try out the ideas they find on Pinterest, which opens doors for a lot of art and other DIY businesses. 

Although the platform now caters to a specific audience, it still plays an important acquisition role for plenty of industries. In fact, pinners are reported to use the platform to plan purchases for just about anything in their life. With the right strategy, you could definitely use Pinterest to your advantage. 

So, is Pinterest still relevant for your marketing strategy? In short – without a doubt! Drop us an email if you want to learn more about how to maximise your potential on Pinterest and other social media platforms.