Digital Convergence Day

Social Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile as key elements of successful businesses

June, 21st, 2018
By Anna Chertkova

Digital Convergence Day, the first major European conference of the kind held on June, 20th, 2018 in the Milanese Luigi Bocconi University, hosted the world’s leading national and digital marketing and innovation experts from major companies in the industry. The event explained how social, mobile, big data and artificial intelligence that define the digital world of today, could be integrated into retail marketing strategy to improve communication between businesses & clients.

Mr Amedeo Guffanti, General Manager of 77Agency, was invited to be the guest speaker at the conference. He gave the definition of “digital convergence”, explained what it is all about and how it can support retailers. Here are the Five Ws of his interview to Engage:

WHAT: Digital Convergence

Internet has been conceived as a channel for a while now, but in reality it is not. Instead it is a platform that aggregates and absorbs traditional media (newspapers, TV, radio) through constant digitalization. Likewise, convergence is a phenomenon that also affects the electronic devices themselves, which are increasingly hybridized to offer a variety of additional functions on top of regular features.

WHY: boost sales through correct use of digital

The challenge for advertisers today is to collect customer data in order to provide consumers with useful, targeted and personalized advertising aimed to increase brand awareness and turnover. We have to learn how to interpret correctly the digital imprint that users leave in the Internet.

WHEN: timing is the key

Our experience in this industry teaches us that the first to grasp new trends are those who perform more efficiently at the end. That is why 77Agency is focusing on e-commerce and digital advertising tools to drive traffic to physical points of sale.

Two years ago we released GotU , a platform that maps points of sale and integrates with user profiles on social networks to offer hyper-targeted and highly efficient advertising planning.

WHO: retailers to use digitally collected data to provide better service to clients

Today data is the key for success in business. More correctly interpreted data ultimately means better customer service. A company to survive now must necessarily be data-driven much the same as the bigs of the industry (Facebook, Google and Amazon) that have built a proper business model based on data.

WHERE: Amazon, Google My Business and Waze for better ads reach

Digitalization of retail chains and drive-to-store traffic remain our priorities. Consequently, we evaluate new advertising solutions offered by Amazon, Google My Business and Waze platforms.