The Digital Consumer

The importance of customer profiling for Online and Offline marketing strategy

March, 28th, 2018

By Anna Chertkova

77Agency offered an insight on the anatomy of the modern digital consumer explaining why it is important for each brand to define a profile of its potential customers before launching any marketing activity, both online and offline.

Here’s the Five Ws of the article that was published by Ninja Marketing with the contribution of 77Agency professionals.

WHO: Chatbots & Co

Preferences and requirements of modern clients should not only be satisfied but previewed in advance. Marketing automation, Chabot and artificial intelligence – all of them making up personalized customer experience – are the best allies of each brand and retailer. A thing to consider is that 40% of customers do not really care whether customer service is provided by a real person or a Chabot, given that customer service is guaranteed. Numbers speak clearly: customized communication and ad hoc services develop into +78% conversions in eCommerce.

WHEN: within few seconds

The trick is to capture customer’s attention in a few seconds: the concentration capacity of a man is now lower than that of a goldfish. And this explains high performance of video ads of 6 seconds long and 7% conversion loss rate due to slow upload of eCommerce sites.

WHERE: social media

The digital consumer spends an average of 2 hours a day on social media and uses about 7 channels to publish, comment and interact. Social networks embracing 42% of the world’s population have thus become an important camp where to deploy targeted marketing activities.
The most popular social media are Facebook (2.17 billion users), YouTube (1.5 billion users) and WhatsApp and Messenger (1.3 billion each). Instagram and Snapchat are also to consider as modern digital consumers love video content and short creative videos guarantee quick engagement.

WHY: importance of constant digital interaction

91% of companies use two or more social channels to interact with customers and prospects.
Worldwide, over 65 million businesses have a Facebook page and 25 million Instagram profiles are associated with trademarks. This commitment to social networks seems to be appreciated, given that 80% of users follow at least one company on Instagram and that 1/3 of the most visited Instagram Stories are produced and published by brands themselves.

WHAT: shopping online
Millennials (67%) show a clear preference for online purchases over traditional shopping.
Many buy online using their smartphone, and this trend is bound to grow as by 2020 it is expected that 45% of online sales will be made from mobile. Mobile is also handy for pre-purchase research and post-purchase customer service as 53% of digital consumers use mobile for all phases of the purchase.