The Future of Online Advertising

Exploring the impact of Amazon buying stores: an interview study of changes in online ADV

July, 25th, 2018

By Anna Chertkova

Amedeo Guffanti, Partner & General Manager of 77Agency, explains in his interview to DailyNet his vision for the future of online advertising.

Traditionally, we offer the Five Ws of his view.

WHAT: Connected Digital Thinking

Over the last 15 years Internet has become the first media as well as an integral part of advertising planning, both in Italy and worldwide. The point is, unlike print media or TV, Internet is a distribution platform where several channels converge thus making targeted communication and delivery of specific content to one’s target audience easy and efficient.
77Agency exploits this very aspect which we define precisely as “Connected digital thinking”: Internet for us is not solely a sales channel, but a means of offering services that add value to the whole of customer experience.

WHO: Amazon vs. retailers

The convergence between a digital and a physical point is of crucial importance today, the challenge being played on building interconnections between online & offline. In fact, Amazon is also focusing on the purchase of physical spaces and if the world’s largest online marketplace is moving towards such a coexistence, it is easy to understand that modern marketing strategies should follow the same direction.
77Agency succeeded in making offline business profit from efficient online advertising with the creation of GotU, a tool that sets up location-optimized digital campaigns to drive real foot traffic to your stores. In over 2 years we have created over 85,000 local campaigns in 15 countries (of which about 25,000 in Italy).

WHERE: Facebook and Google My Business

In fact, the two main channels to bring the best results in targeting of POS is Facebook, with excellent geolocation and enhancement services even with offline integration, and Google with its new technology My Business. Both can be installed on most mobile devices and allow you to follow the user on the move, coordinate data from the CRM, and keep track of the users that actually arrive to the selected store. At 77 with our campaigns we have registered up to 700% return on investment.

WHEN: the future is now

Lately we have been working on revising new services, especially in terms of digitization of retail chains and offline tracking as well as on integration with other platforms, such as Amazon and Waze. It is still challenging to keep track of POS visits, as technology is still inadequate and only able to provide approximate results. Yet, we are already running tests to improve results always in respect of data protection & privacy policy regulations.

WHY: data origin & collection

In Amedeo’s opinion, the Italian market will continue to shift Display & Data to systematic and real time bidding, resulting in an increase in demand for professional consulting services where data origin is involved. To remedy it it’s essential to choose partners in a way to separate technology suppliers from data vendors, concentrating merely on execution and efficient fine-tuning of campaigns.