WebAward 2018 winner in the Outstanding Website category

A winning mix of customized storytelling, new design and enhanced usability has already produced + 47% of new users and + 48% of sessions on the site.

September, 19th, 2018
By Anna Chertkova

77Agency, which has been the resort’s partner for all digital communication and marketing activities since 2014, has completely redesigned the design and structure of Forte Village site and … obtained professional recognition for the second time. Content management, video, mobile first approach, personalized customer experience for the new online platform brought 77Agency the 2018 WebAward in the Outstanding Website category.
It is already the second award for a complete site overhaul for the tandem 77Agency & Forte Village. The first WebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development arrived in 2014 with the initial redesign of the site.

How website redesign and tailored customer experience led to conversion optimization is explained by Amedeo Guffanti, Partner & General Manager of 77:

“This a process that will evolve over time and will offer an increasingly customer-centric experience owing to the activation of marketing automation technologies applied with the view of generating greater adherence of content offer compared to users- information request. The first results demonstrated the efficacy of our strategy: site sessions increased +48% if compared to the period prior to the release of the new site. Volume of traffic from countries of crucial importance for the sector grew considerably: the UK and Italy, in particular, have recorded significant growth spikes. These numbers allow us to affirm that Site Development, a coherent Structure that brings forward the content and an accurate job of SEO have significantly raised the page rank and attracted a new target audience totally in line with Forte Village clientele”.

Below, in a nutshell, 4 steps of conversion-centered website review we @77 did for Forte Village:

– Restyling
The style if the site is inspired by that of a web magazine. Particular attention is paid to the layout and content management, storytelling is enhanced through video and interactive map.

– Mobile first approach
More intuitive mobile first approach led to a significant increase in mobile sessions and new users.

– Personalized customer experience
A new modular structure gave greater flexibility to the presentation of content and enabled us to differentiate storytelling based on the characteristics of individual markets. Those will be the key to building a better, highly personalized, customer experience for the future.

– New Sections
Two New Sections “Activity Calendar” with all the proposals of the resort and the section “Sardinia” dedicated to the region turn the site into a useful tool for its guests who are already enjoying themselves here.