Interview with Amedeo Guffanti, GM @77

2018: The Year in Contemporary Marketing, And A Sneak Peek Of What’s To Come

December, 30th, 2018
By Anna Chertkova

With 15 year of experience in the industry, 77Agency now defines itself as an agency of contemporary marketing. An international group of over 150 people of different nationalities with offices around the world (London, Milan, Riga, Rome and Los Angeles), 77 now works with over 100 brands and offers 360-degree digital solutions globally across a variety of industries: hotels & resorts, education, luxury, banking, retail, etc.

Here’s an outline of the last interview of 2018 with the General Manager of the Agency, Mr. Amedeo Guffanti, where he shares his look at the year in review and a sneak peek on what’s to come in the year ahead.

What: contemporary marketing
The concept of digital marketing is now completely anachronistic. First in the UK, but now also in Italy, there has been a switch in marketing strategies determined by the evolution of consumer habits that levelled down the effective distinction between the offline and online. Now effective communication is deployed across multiple channels. Hence the term “contemporary”: a new approach constantly aimed at the continuous evolution of digital technology in the broader area of corporate marketing.

Why: to create a successful customer-focused marketing strategy
Digital is not an alternative to traditional offline communication, but an aggregator platform where different channels converge for increasingly targeted strategies and customized content offers. The effectiveness of digital campaigns is no longer based solely on big data, but operates focusing on people’s tastes and behaviors.

Where: Omni channel
Our challenge today is mastering Omni Channel communication which is all about defining strategies that comprise digital advertising tools designed to increase sales (over 80% of which are still concentrated in physical points of sale) in retail stores. GotU, the platform that we have developed, is the result of the natural evolution of 77Agency. GotU is able to propose a personalized advertising plan, targeted and aimed at bringing users to the point of sale, using the behavioral look alike algorithms of Facebook.

When: right here, right now
The main challenge of contemporary marketing is to grasp the use of the digital to increase sales in physical stores.

Who: Amazon, LinkedIn & to revolutionize retail?
According to Amedeo, there are two main tendencies that are in stall for digital marketers in 2019.
The first trend is the advancement of Amazon: 25 years of history, a wealth of data and experience gained in various fields such as – and above all – logistics, have made Amazon reach new records in terms of capitalization and have to date, the world’s leading equity company. The giant e-commerce is now the biggest competitor of Google and Facebook, and is destined to become the first search engine for online purchases and to play an important role in the micro-payments market.

The second phenomenon we will soon see is, on the one hand, the continuous growth of Microsoft, driven by LinkedIn, a social network that has become a reference point for professional communities, and, on the other hand, the constant increase in the market share of, the search engine which has already achieved significant market shares in the United States and for which we expect excellent results on a global scale in the future.