Fiorelli is the largest manufacturer of handbags in UK. From the launch of the brand the main goal has always been to produce the most beautiful and affordable handbags that money can buy.

Our challenge was to help shift the perception from a high-street or concession brand to a leading brand in its own right, and to increase the % of sales via e-commerce compared to offline.

Best in class e-commerce design to create brand loyalty and increase sales.


The challenge:

The task was to take a very standard handbag site that offered a full ecommerce experience, but little else, and create a new site that would create a reason to buy online. Moreover the challenge was to increase web sales by up to 10% of the total turnover in 3 years, to improve conversion rate and to grow the site traffic and to increase the brand loyalty.


What we did:

The overall approach was to create a site that was best in class.  For each element we considered existing trends and then studied how we could move them even further forward.

We studied the user’s journey when shopping in a physical store, from viewing the range as a whole, to taking a look at a specific item, picking a bag and then finally trying it on. The site maps this journey in an intuitive and beautiful way, showing to the user just the right amount of information at each stage of their buying cycle.

For the brand it was vital to create more loyalty, so standard sections such as ‘New in’ were renamed as ‘New Season’.  ‘About Us’ and ‘Most Popular’ were renamed respectively ‘Heritage’ and ‘Trending’. The trending page is a unique combination of what is hot right now – pulling info from social media discussions and channels, best sellers on the site, and coverage of the current range in the press.   

The social sections were elevated from being small icons in the footer to an engaging interactive area of the site.  Similarly the newsletter and social pages were integrated into the buying experience with incentives for the user to subscribe or share key moments in the decision making journey.

Rich media was used as a set of inline moving photos and 360º images of bags were also available for the bags on the product pages. All these features brought the site to life in a subtle and beautiful way.