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10+ OpenSocial Videos and Tutorials for social networks

I was browsing through Mashable today and came across an interesting article which neatly gathers up all there is to know about OpenSocial. As we know Open Social is Google’s platform for a universal API suitable for all existing social networks.

The article is quite useful because it gathers up a total of 13 Open Social videos and  video tutorials that feature all the way from Google’s very own OpenSocial Workshop, to the step by step of how to integrate Flixster into MySpace.

Today, social networks such as LinkedIn, Orkut and MySpace for example, have already applied OpenSocial API’s into their framework as part of their technology as to establish a way in which all SN sites are connected without the need of having to add applications each and every time.

To start off with the basics, view the video below, for the rest, go to Mashable and take your pick from the list provided.