Social Media & Digital PR

Our Digital PR services cover:

  • Consulting on the most effective, new and emerging Digital PR strategies
  • Scouting of the best influencers to meet specific objectives
  • Seeding brands on social media, blogs, websites of both Italian and international influencers
  • Organising events that involve and motivate major online influencers
  • Monitoring and reporting of online activities

Our team is experienced at researching, selecting and organising the right content for web distribution. That means knowing how to produce high quality content with a high sharing and viral potential.

The Digital PR team at 77Agency provide a scouting service for the best blogs on the market based on both qualitative and quantitative factors. The bloggers selected for events or brand promotions then become brand advocates and the principal contributing editors for any project.

Co-ordinated by us, bloggers stimulate conversation around a brand, engaging their own fans and followers on the social networks.

We also offer a seeding service for content, news and press releases to a profiled database of bloggers and online publications.

We work closely with our SEO and Social teams to deliver the best possible outcome; using the right technology to gain the best reach and highest engagement scores.

Press Office

The press office team gained their experience in top international PR companies. They work across all market sectors thanks to the collaboration of a valued network of professionals, each with their own specific contacts and competencies.

The service includes:

  • Defining and creating content
  • Preparing a press folder
  • Running events and meetings with journalists
  • A follow up and review of all activity
  • Full reporting of results and press coverage



Co-ordinated by us, bloggers stimulate conversation around a brand, engaging their own fans and followers on the social networks.

Offline and Online: The Mix for Success

We believe that integrating digital activities (our core competence) with traditional channels in the right way means more visibility and more results for a brand, product, person or project.




Digital PR

Community management:

We offer full integrated community management on all of the main social channels, with the following services:

  • Social strategy – creating a social playbook, outlining strategy, tone, visual style, core messaging, escalation and posting guidelines for your brand
  • Channel set up – for all of the main channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Social Listening – monitoring all channels for brand mentions and reporting, escalating or responding accordingly.
  • Posting – running your channel as if we were part of your team, with a fixed number of posts per week on each channel
  • Creating content – working with our content team to create compelling and shareable content
  • Reporting – using our proprietary software ‘Allin1Social’ we provide best-in-industry reporting on activities across all channels.
  • Building social apps – our design and development team have been working on social from day one, and have built countless social apps, from simple advent calendars and competitions to highly complex ‘star in your own 360º music video’ apps that pull photos and friends profiles automatically into a shareable video.
  • Paid Social – to gain maximum reach now it is often recommended to boost or promote posts. When required though, we work closely with our paid social team to offer fully integrated social campaigns to ensure success.

We work in all industries, from beauty and fashion to finance and healthcare.

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