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Facebook Advertising

The team at 77Agency has been working with Facebook ads from day one, we witnessed first-hand the evolution of the Facebook advertising with the expanding variety of ad types, targeting options, bid types as well as other products. We were among the first one to jump on the wave and for that reason we were one of the first 3 API partners of Facebook, when it was open to third-parties back in 2008-2009.

We built two powerful platforms on the API, Social Ads Tool for Facebook ads management and optimization; and Allin1Social for social media content management and insights.

Thanks to our tailor-made propriety technologies, we have been able to help our clients scale their Facebook campaigns while improving their results on their KPI.

Now our Paid Social team manages ad campaigns across all major social channels including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and of course Facebook.

We are proud to have been one of the first three companies in the world to be granted access to the Facebook API

However our job is not finished just with brining your ROI up and lowering your acquisition costs. We also help you understand who is in your customer database, what are they like, what kind of communication they respond to best, and which creative engages best with which audience and geography, thanks to our in-depth reports we provide to our clients. This helps when it comes to fine-tuning targeting and communication of the Facebook campaigns in the future, but it has also key importance for the clients to readjust their business strategy if needed.

We normally work with clients that are have a monthly marketing budget in excess of €10,000 per month and we use our expertise and propriety technology to help them grow their return and investment on Facebook, Twitter and other paid social digital marketing channels.

If you’re looking to outsource your campaigns, or to switch your social advertising agency or just getting started with paid social advertising, reach us to see how we can help you maximize your performance on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Social marketing

Adding value to social media advertising

Over the years, we ran clients from all around the world, in almost any imaginable industry, with the objectives of increasing user-base, sales and brand visibility; running campaigns where we brought fans, website traffic, e-commerce sales, leads, deposits, app installs and engagements, in-store offline traffic and more for our clients.

Our social media advertising experts will sit down with you to hear you out in terms of your goals and expectations from your social media campaigns; and then working with you to setup the best strategy possible in terms of creative and communication, targeting and bidding, as well as coming up with recommendations on the flow optimization based on our vast expertise. Our teams can also support you with the creative process (both idea and actual design-wise) to make sure that together we will get the maximum return on your campaigns.

In addition to bringing you first-time customers for your website or apps, we can also help you improve the Life-Time Value (LTV) of your existing customers using Facebook retargeting campaigns. The majority of our clients now use Facebook as an extension to their existing CRM activity, to reach out the right people, at the right time, with the right creative and communication, to maximize their return on per user. This also has been a very effective tool to awake the dormant users, who might once been high-value customers.

We manage the biggest spend on Facebook advertising in more than one European country