Email & Marketing Automation

Using a dedicated email team, we deliver full support from conception to design and implementation of campaigns – or just the elements you require. Our services include:

  • Defining objectives and devising a strategy
  • Segmenting and analysing a database
  • Putting together an editorial plan and creating original content
  • Design and development of templates and email newsletters
  • Optimizing for mobile and responsive designs
  • Testing across devices and spam checkers
  • Development of landing pages for optimum conversion
  • Managing and executing campaigns
  • Planning complex and personalised automated sales funnels triggered by user actions and interactions
  • Reporting and analysis

In order to get the best results we use also other CRM tools to engage your audience in a dynamic and interactive way. We use SMS campaigns and deliver relevant, timely content across social networks (Social CRM), creating a more personalised experience to drive conversions.

Our meticulous approach and expertise mean your email marketing campaign will perform beautifully, delivering the right results. We offer the whole kit and caboodle or just the bits you need.

Marketing automation: bigger, faster, stronger.

We provide a complete Direct Email Marketing service and we have close relationships with all the key management platforms.
We can also provide, integrate and set up Marketing Automation systems, which allow more effective nurturing of inbound leads and ultimately more converting customers.

We start by getting under the skin of your audience before defining objectives and devising a well-founded strategy. This often includes carefully defining different user journeys and tuning messages exactly to where specific customers are in that process, and then ensuring that the right messaging is put in front of them exactly when it is required. Automated processes can be set up to send different messages to best fit-potential clients, ones that show real interest, and even ones that show the least interest.

We offer a software provision and set up only service, or a fully managed Marketing Automation provision.