SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the use of paid advertising to direct a user to a website in the form of a placed advertisement.

It is often referred to as PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising in which brands/agencies would only pay and advertising cost once a user has clicked on an ad.

This performance element and the growth of the use of search engines, such as Google, has developed SEM as one of the most popular channel to reach a mass audience and scale an advertising campaign.

By fully utilising the full SEM product suite, applying a Test, Learn and Optimise approach and interrogating performance data, 77 is often able increase performance in even the most mature campaign or the most competitive vertical.

77 have a rich heritage in SEM and were the first agency in the UK to place a Adwords placement onto Google for the Financial Services vertical in 2003.

77 also have a strategic partnership with Google and enjoy new product BETAs on behalf of our brands.

Programmatic buying

At 77Agency we understand the importance that technology plays within digital marketing.

The evolution and growth of Programmatic buying is testament to the advancement of technologies that are able to provide marketers an almost infinite amount of data to influence and affect consumer behavioural signals.

77Agency work with a number of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) that feed into multiple Ad Exchanges to bid on ad inventory in real time, also known as Real Time Bidding (RTB).

Using RTB technologies 77 drive maximum efficiencies whilst delivering on performance objectives.

These bids are decided based on an auction model and the price, traded in Cost per Thousand (CPM), are able to decided in a hundredth millisecond through multiple behavioural signals as to whether the ad is relevant to the user and to then to award the placement to the highest bidder.

At 77Agency we are perfectly placed to understand this technical ecosystem along with interpreting the data in which they provide. We are then able to use this to plan and buy effective media to deliver against our clients (often multiple) objectives.

Few agencies in the world have the depth of experience and commitment to Facebook as a paid platform as 77Agency

For a recent client, Facebook advertising out performed Google AdWords by 70%.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based and cost effective channel. The merchant (the brand) pays the affiliate only when a conversion is generated by the affiliate’s own marketing campaigns, which can be any online channel.

Our specialist team devises, executes, tracks and refines campaigns to deliver against your KPI’s. We work with over 100 affiliate networks on a global and local basis to generate leads, maximise sales and raise brand awareness.

Providing reach with little risk, affiliate marketing is a powerful tool within a wider campaign


77Agency is an SEO specialist, working globally across many different sectors with companies of all sizes. SEO will ensure your site is found by an actively interested audience, who will engage and buy.

It’s cost effective and targeted; everything is monitored and analyzed, allowing us to constantly refine so things perform to the max. As team we get involved early and think holistically, beyond your immediate need, so the work has long lasting results.

SEO is vital to drive high quality traffic to your site. By getting involved early and thinking holistically, our SEO team deliver the best possible results.

We use various tools - including ones we have developed ourselves over many years’ experience in SEO - to first investigate, diagnose, and then develop a strategy. Finally, we measure performance against clear KPIs and benchmark you against competitors.

Email marketing & marketing automation

We provide a complete Direct Email Marketing service and we have close relationships with all the key management platforms.
We also can provide, integrate and set up Marketing Automation systems, which allows more effective nurturing of inbound leads and ultimately more converting customers.

We start by getting under the skin of your audience before defining objectives and devising a well-founded strategy. We then design, build and execute before testing and fine-tuning.

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels to reach consumers, drive sales and build loyalty

Our meticulous approach and expertise mean your email marketing campaign will perform beautifully, delivering the right results. We offer the whole kit and caboodle or just the bits you need.

Social media management & Digital PR

Our Digital PR Activity will maximise your brand’s visibility online and generate the results you want. We have an expert in-house team that collaborates with the best talent and influencers on the web.

We’ll devise an approach that includes the most effective, new and emerging techniques. Carefully chosen evangelists and writers from social platforms and established publications will spread the word, inspiring their followers to engage, share and buy.

Influence the influencers to get the right exposure through Digital PR

We use other disciplines such as Social and SEO to maximise both reach and engagement.