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Nike+SportBand; a chip in your running shoes?


Nike has aggregated a new member to the family. It has developed a new gadget that traces, records and displays your running experience. The Nike+SportBand wrist device is the new way to get connected with your run and track your progress all at once. Reminds me a little bit of the FiatEco Drive concept. Part of the idea the Nike+SportBand offers is an alternative for those individuals who find the thumping of their footsteps stimulating while running rather than listening to music on an iPod.

The way it works is, there is a sensor chip you throw into your shoe which is highly sensitive to movement, therefore, it is what will read and record every step you take during your entire routine. At the same time, there is a wrist band that comes with it which will registered all the data taken in by the sensor. Hence you’ve got the sender and the receiver. As part of the data collected by the device, it can also translate speed, elapsed time, distance and calories burned.

Basically, you’ve got your own personal trainer on your wrist. Next step after your run would be to detach the Nike+ Link from your wrist band and plug it into a USB on your personal computer. Go into nikeplus.com and upload the information. This will display your entire routine along with a recommended training program as well as the option to set your own goals. At nikeplus.com you may opt in to sharing your records with the whole entire Nike community and challenge fellow runners from all parts of the world.

In addition, when you’re not running, the Nike+SportBand displays the time of day, together with a review of your last run and total mileage for the week.


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