What we learned from 3 days of ‘Creative Hackathon’

27 November 2017

What do you get when a group of carefully selected digital and creative experts from independent agencies around the world get together in Paris for three full days of brainstorming and creative pitch work?


The Creative Hackathon of course, organized by Dialogue International, the network of agencies that 77Agency was happy to join earlier this year.

And what a great Creative Hackathon it was. This was the first time we got to take part in the network’s annual international workshop, hosted this year by the French member agency Grenade & Sparks, in Paris on November 16th – 18th. We had a great time meeting other awesome agency people from around the world and getting the chance to share ideas, insights and collaborate while working on a unique international pitch. But most of all, each of our participants came back with their head full of new ideas and experiences that they shared with the rest of our #77Family.


Let’s give the word to our very own 77Agency participants: Matteo, Alessandra and Luca.


77Agency team in Paris


What were the most inspiring things and key takeaways for you from these three full days of creative pitch work with other digital experts around the world?


Challenges and personal & professional growth


Luca, Designer: 

The pitch proposal we had to dive into in a really strict timeline was full of obstacles and I tried to do my best to face them, from the linguistic barrier to the production of ideas and visuals that had to impress a really demanding client in just 20 minutes (ok, the presentation actually took 23 minutes in the end).

As soon as we received the brief we splitted into different teams and started working. I got the chance to join Arnaud, a senior designer from Grenade & Sparks at their headquarters, and got to experience the Parisian agency life at their new open office with no assigned seats, and to learn from truly inspirational international colleagues, seeing how they work and being inspired by their ideas. Especially for me, working with a senior visual designer who’s clearly really proud of his jobs, was really inspiring.

We worked very hard and managed to come up with an awesome idea for our pitch. During the presentation the adrenaline really hit and we really rocked the stage – what an amazing experience it was. Even though my team’s idea didn’t win the “competition”  I’m still very happy and can say that we won as a team, as we successfully managed to face a new hard challenge and did our best to represent 77Agency.

The organization of the event was impeccable – we never ceased to be amazed by the variety of entertainment: guided tours, dinners, parties and the flow beaujolais nouveau. Most of all my gratitude goes to 77Agency and Dialogue International for giving me such an amazing chance to take part in this one-of-a-kind event. The Hackathon and the whole workshop in Paris was a very positive, although challenging experience, with a significant impact on both my personal and professional growth.


Aligning agency management visions across the network


Matteo, Creative Director:

Last week in Paris we got to meet the Dialogue International organisers (lovely!), all the attendants of the event (from all over the world!) and the client (very kind!). We collected the brief (well written and challenging!) and start worked on it in mixed teams. At the end of the Hackathon all the teams presented extremely high quality works, really aligned in terms of structure and creativity. The client seemed happy to see how much effort we all put in the produced material, and seemed also very interested in several of the presented ideas.

The three-day workshop in Paris was a great experience both from a professional and a social perspective. It was a great opportunity for us to share our skills and, of course, learn a lot from each other. I also had the chance to discuss with some of the other agency managers and I’m really happy to see that we share the same vision on the business and agency management in general.


Dialogue International - Member Agency Management 2017


Networking in the city of lights


Alessandra, Social Media & Digital PR Team Leader:

The meeting in Paris was great source of inspiration and offered new inputs for my daily work. I’m glad I had the time to share ideas and have interesting conversations, e.g. about digital agencies’ opportunities and threats across Europe. I feel like we’re all more up to date regarding new trends now and we also have an aligned understanding about the difficulties that other international players are experiencing first hand. Most of all, having this experience in one of the most charming cities of Europe with a crowd of wonderful, creative people from all over the world was truly unique. My biggest takeaway is the amazing chance we got for some serious networking, and I’m sure we found great allies for our future international projects to come.



New ideas, professional growth and important networking… whatever the final outcome of the workshop was for the different participants, it’s safe to say the time spent together in Paris was extremely useful and inspiring. Thank you Dialogue International, we’re already looking forward to the next workshop together!

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What do you get when a group of carefully selected digital and creative experts from independent agencies around the world get together in Paris for three full days of brainstorming and creative pitch work?