77Agency becomes member of Dialogue International

10 August 2017

London, August 10th 2017

We are proud to announce that 77Agency has been selected to join Dialogue International, the network for brands who challenge the world. 77Agency will represent the alliance in the UK and Latvia.

Dialogue international is an international alliance of independent advertising and digital agencies located across Europe, Asia and the United States. Through the international collaboration the alliance provides access to a network of like-minded and high-speed-connected agencies with full capabilities across all channels, underpinned by rigorous strategic skills, empowered by the collective strength of more than 1,000 talented professionals, creatives, PR and digital experts, ready to deliver growth across three continents.

Our Chief Operational Officer Alp Semercioz met with the alliance members in Malmö, Sweden in July 2017 at the annual MBM meeting to confirm 77Agency’s membership and to discuss about the future projects face-to-face with our new alliance colleagues.


Dialogue International Managers


We are very excited to be a part of the Dialogue International alliance and look forward to our partnership with like-minded marketing experts around the world. I believe being a member will give us great insights into the methodologies of how each of us are working in their respective markets with their clients, as well as into spotting opportunities of collaboration in the geos and areas we do not cover today, expanding our reach via the alliance of brilliant agencies around the world. It was a pleasure to meet representatives of the DI agencies during the Malmö meetings, to see companies with similar values and culture as well as the shared ambition of working towards providing better digital experiences to our clients.”, Alp Semercioz stated after the meeting. 

The Dialogue International alliance membership will bring many great collaboration, education and development opportunities to 77Agency’s calendar through pitches, projects and annual business meetings and creative challenges. All the agencies will meet several times every year to share ideas, inspire each other, to discuss common goals and to reflect on successful projects, creating opportunities to build international bridges and drive mutual success.

77Agency and the other members have been selected to the alliance because of their high capabilities in strategy and creativity. We are proud to join Dialogue International, to extend our international collaboration and to participate in new glocal projects. We are confident the alliance will provide tangible business opportunities to extend the reach and influence of our clients internationally.

The whole 77Group together with 77Agency Ltd in the UK and 77Agency in Latvia, is looking forward to the new challenges, collaboration opportunities and inspirations the Dialogue International membership will bring.

Some of the clients 77Agency currently works with are Silversea Cruises, Burger King, Lavazza, Armani, Fineco, Rocco Forte Hotels, Tiffany & Co., Burger King and MoneyGram.


Are you looking for a team to manage a global, locally managed campaign or project? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d by happy to hear more and help.  

For further information on Dialogue International, visit http://www.dialogue-international.com/.


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We are proud to announce that 77Agency has been selected to join Dialogue International, the network for brands who challenge the world.